Is it edible?

In the digital world, where new terms and 3-letter abbreviations are increasing almost every day, everyone definitely has a programmatic term. Thus, we're pretty sure that you've heard this word or collocation a lot, especially in recent years. So, what is Programmatic? What are its features and benefits to digital marketing? No, we will not do an exam, on the contrary, we are here to enlighten you on this topic. Therefore, let's take a quick look.

Programmatic is an incredible media buying platform for automatically buying and optimizing digital ads instead of buying directly from publishers. Programmatic advertising is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, where ad auctions take place within milliseconds.

Thanks to Programmatic advertising, you can easily use different models such as display, video, mobile, rich media, and native. You can manage campaigns with different KPIs (awareness, retargeting, conversions, etc.) at the same time and can-do real-time price optimization.

So, who are Programmatic Ads suitable for?

Programmatic advertising has many benefits for every advertiser and every publisher in the digital world.


  • Brands and agencies that spend huge budgets on digital advertising;
  • Those who want to manage the campaigns in different channels synchronously in order to get the best efficiency from the advertisements;
  • Brands that want to increase their conversions by including them in their targeting in order to use the data in the most effective way;
  • Those who want to make artificial intelligence supported targeting;
  • It is suitable for those who do not want to be left behind in the digital world;

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