The benefits of cross-channel DSP.

It is a programmatic platform that allows marketers to manage truly cross-channel campaigns across Display, Video, Mobile, Audio, Digital Out of Home (DOOH), and Connected TV with privileged access to our global ecosystem of premium supply. Adviad's cross-channel advertising platform enables you accurately measure reach, frequency, and impact in a transparent and effective way. So, we can easily say that our insight-driven ad tech products help partners to focus their budgets on the best-performing media channels and achieve results that surpass the most daring expectations.

All your digital channels in one programmatic platform and it is just a wow!

Adviad has integrated more than 10+ advertising channels such as DSP, Local Sites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yandex, etc. in a single interface, which allows you to plan, place, and optimize and track ads in real-time through one place. The platform offers this complete set of capabilities needed to manage coordinated omnichannel campaigns including execution, creative management, targeting, and reporting in a centralized location, allowing marketers to transcend siloed channel buying and focus on driving great consumer experiences and incremental business results from their marketing.

Digital advertisers' essential “cost per” s.

The platform provides all the necessary statistics showing the effectiveness of placed advertising - daily, weekly and monthly. These are the number of views, clicks, CPM, CPC, CTR, and other indicators of the effectiveness of the posted content. It is also possible to adjust the budget in real-time, turning off inefficient platforms and switching to more profitable ones. How essential, right?

Also, it is the most gratifying point that, in the short term, it is planned to introduce artificial intelligence into the program, which will place ads instead of the advertiser. The advertiser will only be required to indicate their budget and determine the target audience. Based on the entered data, artificial intelligence will distribute this budget in the most optimal way, as well as monitor the effectiveness of advertising content placement.

See you globally!

Since Adviad with its features is a novelty not only for Azerbaijan, but the whole digital advertising sphere, it is planned not to limit to the Azerbaijani advertising market, but to establish cooperation with other countries in the region –Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Turkey in the near future and then with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. There are also plans to promote the platform in the West.

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