Increase Your Advertising Success with AI Programmatic Technology!

Since technology, which has become an indispensable part of our lives, combined with the concept of artificial intelligence, we embrace a new innovation every day. This concept, which developed the technology and economy models of all countries on a global basis, is now frequently mentioned in the advertising industry. The success of artificial intelligence-supported systems used in digital advertising greatly facilitates integration into the sector.

Both advertisers and publishers benefit from AI in programmatic advertising, but they are not the only ones. Customers can also benefit, in the sense that they will see more ad content that is relevant and useful to them, and less ad content that is irrelevant and disruptive to them.

How Ads work with AI?

Artificial intelligence is a technology that works on the basis of machine learning. In this technology, artificial intelligence performs thinking and learning processes by imitating human beings. Today, AI working with software infrastructures analyzes the given data, improves what to do in the next problem, and classifies the works. In the advertising industry, AI works with exactly the same logic. Artificial intelligence technologies, especially used in programmatic advertising, are processed into the system with software developments, and all manual work is carried out by these systems.

How does AI support Programmatic Advertising?

Artificial intelligence ensures that the desired target group is reached with the method of ad display – and more precisely than would ever be possible with even the most in-depth target-group analysis. Naturally, the more user data available to the programmatic advertising algorithms, the more intensively they work. To really reach the target group with creative advertising content, immense amounts of data are required.

Machine learning with AI supports programmatic purchasing.

The latest programmatic platforms are powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to reach the most important users. Thanks to programmatic AI technology, brands that buy ads can access each user individually and deliver a personalized message tailored to those users.

Today marketers greatly benefit from AI technologies to find patterns in user activity on websites. This helps them predict the further behavior of users and quickly optimize their ad bids. In addition, AI technology:

  • Allows you to reach a more accurate target audience;
  • Ensures optimization of ad performances;
  • Allows those working in the advertising industry to turn to more creative jobs;
  • Saves time for the implementation of continuously improving models;

Adviad programmatic platform is designed to understand and optimize human interactions through machine learning and AI optimization. Our main goal is to achieve the best ad results while increasing efficiency and transparency for both advertiser and publisher.

Remember, you are addressing people!

Although there is predicted that in the future, AI becomes more sophisticated, one of the challenges will be to decide exactly which tasks should be delegated to AI and which tasks should be done by humans. In the context of advertising, AI is there to enhance the work done by humans, not to replace it. So, if you ask will AI replace human advertisers? Our answer will be “absolutely, no”. There is always a need for creativity and the human touch. Therefore, no worry, in this regard, our professional ads managers will assist you with love! Just contact us: [email protected]